the Story of You…

I am so excited to introduce the newest item in my photography line…..

These ‘Story of You’ videos will be available as an add on to any photo session.  They can include music, photos and even video segments (fusion videos…coming soon).

Just think how much fun this could be for an engagement party, baby shower, first birthday (with photos from your maternity, birth, newborn and milestone sessions!).  The possibilities are endless.

What do you think?


A ‘Bump’ session outside in February….what?!?!

Well…’s February in Chicago and apparently we have some of the best weather in the nation right now.  Us. Chicago. Who would have thought?!?  Clearly not me as I did not book any photo sessions for a month when we normally have snow and cold weather.img_0758So…when a Mom from my girl scout troop asked me if I had time to snap some photos of her gorgeous daughter as she was 36 weeks pregnant and hadn’t planned her maternity photos yet….I jumped at the chance.  Then, the question became, where to go….img_0563In February nothing is really green.  There are no flowers, no leaves on the trees, everything is pretty bleak.  So I drove around a few days before our session (forecast of 60 degrees!) and looked for a nice spot for us to take our photos.  Boy did I luck out!img_0529I have to say that if I didn’t tell you it was mid February in Chicago in these photos you would never have known.  Yay for my client and our awesome session!!img_0661When we discussed the session, they expressed an interest in doing both green and urban shots.  We ended up visiting 3 different locations to get all of these great shots!art-2img_0592art-3After we finished in the wooded location…we headed to our little downtown area for some great backdrops.  I love all of the old brick, cool doors and nice urban vibe.img_0817img_0837art-9art-6So many great ways to customize your photos with art…words…and more…art-7This is especially nice if the client orders a slideshow, fusion video or is placing them into a photo book for the baby.  We then moved on to our final location…img_1041img_1102img_1119img_1106I love the cool old cabin in this park.  It makes a wonderful backdrop with lots of texture and great color.

The best photos were turned into this collage.  These collages can be customized with art, names or just photos.  They can be printed just like photo prints and framed, mounted on board, or printed on canvas.  So far they have been a big hit with my recent clients!  Ask me about yours with your next session…picmonkey-collage-4-copyComing soon….session videos and fusion videos!  Stay tuned…


Robbie’s Birth Story

When I first heard that people were doing Fresh 48 birth stories I thought to myself…WOW!  What a great idea.  I wish someone had taken the time to record those first few days with each of my children.  I feel like they were lost in the blur of the new baby and my own recovery.

 I was so excited to be there to welcome Robert Lee Ray into this world last week.  His birth did not go off quite as planned but, in the end, this perfect little guy finally joined us.img_9999And here’s a little snippet from his birth story…img_9815img_0059img_9781img_9777img_9776img_9797img_9800img_9845img_9830img_9837img_0035img_0024img_9932img_9928img_9893img_9889img_0013img_0008img_0101img_0110img_0185img_0115img_0199img_0071img_0124I am so happy to have photographed the maternity and birth story photos for this sweet family and I am looking forward to our newborn session together.

If you are interested in having a Fresh 48 birth story session….please reach out to me to discuss the details and get on my calendar as soon as possible.


Epic Blog Fail!

I guess they are right about New Year’s resolutions….great intentions, not always great results.  So far this year my goal to post more often to my blog has not happened.  I blame the gloomy weather we have had here in Chicago for my lack of motivation.  Seriously…we have gone DAYS without sun!  I need sun apparently…cropped-black-ground-logo.pngSo, let’s catch up!  I did post about my new logo. (my one and only post that is)  That has led to a frantic ordering of new business cards, revamping websites and reworking promotional materials.  And, speaking of promotions, if you belong to any of the Facebook groups that I am on, you will know that I also ran some pretty great promotions to start off the new year.  I love giving away photo sessions….it makes me so happy.  I have set big goals this year for making sure that I give back to the many people who have supported me and so far…so good!img_9591I have also been changing things around in my house.  The typical New Year’s purge has happened….my studio has now turned into a prop closet and photography equipment storage center…and we are in the middle of redoing my daughter’s bedroom with an updated style more reflective of her growing up…mixed feelings on that one.  She is my toughest customer…it took 6 paint samples for us to finally agree on one.  The winter weather and post holiday blahs don’t lend themselves to too many photo sessions but we did have a nice warm day where I was able to visit one of my favorite clients and do a little lifestyle session with them. img_9371 I am excited that more and more people are requesting this cool photo documentary style. Stay tuned for a whole post devoted to this increasingly popular style of photography.  If I could do all Lifestyle sessions for my clients….I think I would.  They are very authentic and real and give a snapshot of what your life is like in this moment.  What an amazing gift to give your children some day…the ability to capture your memories.  So watch for another post devoted to that subject coming soon…kim-engagement-collageI am also adding a whole section to my website devoted to products.  I recently ordered a few items for myself so that I could see how my photography translated to the products that I would like to offer.  From metal prints to photo books to photo collages….there will be so many great items to choose from.  The photo collages are fun and can be customized with more than just photos.  They can be printed in any size and are ready for framing.  You choose your photos and other items and I put them together.  So much fun!jayda-collageAt the moment,  I am frantically working on the dance decorations for my daughter’s last Daddy Daughter Dance in elementary school.  Here is a photo from last year’s dance…img_9120  The part of me that singlehandedly creates these things every year is happy to say goodbye to this huge undertaking.  But, the part of me that can’t believe that my baby will be in middle school next year is not quite so happy.img_8106This winter has not been the best for nice snowy photo sessions.  I captured this photo of Ella on the one day that we had some white snow.  While I am enjoying the warmer winter…my clients who wanted pretty snow photos have been disappointed.  Maybe we will get a bit more snow yet….

I am pleased to say that my calendar is filling up with photo session bookings for the upcoming seasons.  If you want to guarantee yourself a spot in either Spring, Summer or Fall, please be sure to drop me a note soon.  No specific dates yet….I will wait to see how the weather pans out this year…but once you are on my list I guarantee you a spot!  Check out my website for more information at…

Becci Hethcoat Photography

Happy February!!


And just like that….

…..all of my photo sessions are edited and delivered!  And it’s finally time to get my Christmas on.  I am usually way more on top of this whole holiday thing but this year between rushing to get everyones holiday photos done and traveling over Thanksgiving, well, let’s just say my own cards are going to be a bit late and leave it at that.img_8224I love Christmas!  I love everything about it!  I love the decorations, picking out the tree, the music, the baking, the gift giving, the decorations….yep….I said it again!img_8188Now that my daughter is older, she loves to help with everything.  This year, because I was so swamped with editing, she even carried all of the bins up from the basement and unloaded them.  I love that girl!img_8198This is her reading her novel on the couch tonight as I walked around shooting photos.  That girl loves to read.  She asked me tonight to add Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights to her Christmas list….yay!img_8247Up until a few years ago, we didn’t have a fireplace.  I had to hang the stockings on walls or furniture.  I was so happy when we added this room to our house and included this awesome fireplace!  Now my stockings have a perfect home! (Crazy dog bonus!)img_8204img_8202If you hadn’t noticed….I have a thing for little trees.  Especially the bottle brush style.  I probably have 100 of them spread out throughout my house.  I also love vintage holiday decorations.  Here are a few that were handed down from my childhood…img_8194img_8195But, most of all, I love the tree.  Our Christmas tree reads like a history of our family.  Every year, when we unwrap each ornament, it inspires conversations about where they came from and when.  For instance, this was the first ornament that Tim and I bought together…img_8215And this ornament I made when I only had one little person in my life…img_8183And this one was from when there were two boys and no Ella (she hates that!)…img_8240There are ornaments on our tree from every trip I have every taken starting in college.  And now we purchase new ornaments every year for our kids to mark their milestones and likes.img_8239img_8210img_8242img_8212And squirrels…you know there are a few of those on there!img_8225This guy lived at my house from the time I was very small.  I love that he is still around.  I think he used to light up but that part is long gone.  Here we are together back in the 60’s…00360012There is something magical about taking out the same decorations with my children that I remember from my own childhood. Like this gem that I made when I was younger…img_8209Here are a few more quick shots from around the house…img_8226img_8203img_8245The next few weeks will be filled with holiday goodness and fun times with my family.  It will be nice to have some game playing, Christmas movie watching, treat eating time before things start to ramp up again in the new year.  I’m already planning out all of my awesome mini sessions so get ready….it’s going to be so much fun!

Merry Christmas to your family from ours!


A New Leaf

Last month I photographed a cocktail reception that was held after the couple’s destination wedding (Paris!).  The reception was at a very unique Chicago venue….A New Leaf.  I had never been to this venue but I heard from friends that it was different and boy were they right…it was fantastic. I thought I would share some of the highlights of this beautiful event…

img_8490img_8635img_8672img_8491img_8395img_8592The venue is in a space that is stripped down to the bare essentials.  I loved the dark, industrial vibe but it was definitely a challenge to photograph in.  A New Leaf is actually a florist who offers this space next door for events.  They provided the beautiful flowers for the reception as part of the package.  In addition to the indoor space they also had an outside courtyard that would be awesome in nicer weather.img_8608img_8545img_8555img_8565The building includes multiple open levels, cement floors & stairways, vintage brick, and quirky lighting.  The food and drinks were served in the back of the lower level on a long metal table with the biggest flower arrangement I had ever seen.  The levels made for wonderful vantage points to capture shot of the guests. (And one tired photographer by the end of the night!)img_8436img_8564img_8575img_8582img_8716The bride wore a non-traditional red designer gown that was absolutely stunning on her.  I couldn’t imagine her in anything else frankly.  They were a happy couple who couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other. And their children…so sweet!img_8308img_8501img_8518I captured this shot discreetly in the apartment above.  They were thoroughly engrossed in each other while they rehearsed their dance.img_8339The dance floor was on the highest level of the building and, although small, was beautifully lit and the D.J. drew the crowd upward for a night of crazy fun!img_8935img_8930img_8754img_8739I enjoyed photographing this beautiful event and meeting this fun family.  If you are looking for an interesting place to host an event, I highly recommend A New Leaf.img_8614 And…don’t forget to call me…your photographer!