The best gift of all…

I was sitting in my studio putting the finishing touches on one of the Mother’s Day painting orders when my daughter and her friend popped in to say hi.  I noticed her friend looking at all of the partially finished work and I could tell that she wanted to ask me something.  Even though I hear her chattering away to Ella when they are alone, she is painfully shy around adults, offering only simple answers to direct questions.  Working up the courage she finally asked…

“Mrs. Hethcoat, how much do you charge for one of those paintings?”

I told her my pricing and I saw her face sink.  Clearly, my ‘Mother’s Day Special Pricing’ was still more than she could imagine spending at 10 years old.  As the girls turned to leave the studio, I called her back and asked her why she wanted to know?

“I really wanted to give one to my Mom.”

I have never seen anyone’s face light up with as much joy as hers did when I told her that I would make her a painting to gift to her Mom…no charge.  Huge smile….sparkle in her eyes….

“Oh, thank you.”

And then they were gone…moving on to their next adventure.

As I started priming the canvas for this unexpected “order” I thought to myself…no matter how many orders I fill, how much money I make, nothing will ever top the joy I get from giving a gift like that.


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