The $50 Photo Shoot!

Father’s day is coming soon.  Have you thought about what you are going to give Dad/Grandpa this year?


I was reading an article recently that listed the 5 Worst Gifts for Dad.  Guess what was at the top of that list…yep…the necktie.  Having been in the necktie business for years, it pains me to agree with this but…I do.


Next on the list…this little gem.  I have to admit that I, too, have been guilty of such gift giving but NOT THIS YEAR!

This year…I will be gifting my husband the gift of photography.  A nice framed photo of his favorite people (and maybe a few fishing lures thrown in), will make his Father’s Day super special.Antique wooden gold frame, intricately carvedAnd speaking of special…for a very limited time only…I am offering a mini photo session for you to gift your husband or father a stylish photo for ONLY $50.00.  Crazy huh?!?


In order to qualify for the special, you must simply share my page on your page.  It’s that easy.  Drop me a note to let me know that you are ready and I will contact you to go over your ideas for where and when!


**Fine Print…in order to qualify for this special offer you  must share my blog or Facebook page on your Facebook page and sign a photography release allowing me to utilize the photos in my portfolio.  I will provide you will as many retouched photos as possible from our time together, in digital form, for you to reproduce and/or print at your discretion.  Because I am a fresh air photographer, this special offer is contingent on the weather.  Special offer ends on June 19, 2016.

Chalkboard design greeting card for Father's day.

So…share my page…on your page…and let’s give Dad something he will really like this year!


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