Tortilla de Sal

Meet Sal.
601631_10152167739686095_1078407359_nSal is a bit of a renaissance man.10502210_10203479889611052_7417069234670697366_nHe is an athlete, cocktail creator, ukulele player, wordsmith, and barista.13256325_10208253398585793_1395379522542913421_n(ok…he excels at swirling this weird shape into his coffee…it counts)12794940_10207626459712713_3953360299569407111_oSal is a funny guy who enjoys preparing dishes that no one has heard of like Pusties and Utica tomato pie.  Yes, I know, people from Utica know what that is but, for the rest of us, it’s a mystery for sure.  Sal also lived, for a time, in Spain.

A while back, my neighbor hosted a Spanish exchange student.  Apparently while we were serving her good ole American cuisine like cinnamon roll pancakes and cheeseburgers, she was pining away for her favorite dish from home….Tortilla.999995_alt2You might think you know what a Tortilla is but, let me tell you, you have NO idea.  To quote the eloquent Sal (Sal’s Blog)…”The word “tortilla” in Spanish of the Americas means a thin, starchy, floppy disc that keeps the contents of a 950 calorie burrito from exploding onto your lap. In Spain, however, it means something entirely different. “Tortilla,” in the land of Cervantes, means a thick, Frittata-like, potato and egg omelette.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

In my quest to learn a new cuisine and keep our Spanish friend happy, I perused the internet, watched countless YouTube videos and produced my very first Tortilla.  It took quite a bit of practice to get it exactly right but when she said “it tastes just like my Mama makes”, I knew I had achieved Tortilla greatness.TORTILLA-STARTFast forward to a recent blog post by my friend Sal regarding his ‘version’ of Tortilla.  I was horrified to see that he didn’t use the standard fresh potatoes in his dish but rather, replaced them with (gasp!) frozen french fries!  His dish was also finished in the oven rather than on the stove.  I admit that I am a bit of a Tortilla purist myself so, like any respectable Spanish Grandmother, I chastised him loudly…but like the modern woman that I am…it was all on Facebook.  I’m pretty sure he made this face…13165820_10208125057177338_3945695789480470294_nIn the interest of fairness, I decided I would whip up Sal’s version of Tortilla (Recipe Here) to see if it really was, as he claimed, “an easy and fool-proof Tortilla”.  So here we go…PicMonkey CollageI followed Sal’s directions exactly.  I had to guess at the amount of cheese, since he didn’t give an exact measurement, so I just threw in a handful of each. I didn’t realize, until the end, that my pan was a bit larger than Sal’s so my tortilla came out on the thin side causing it to be slightly overdone. But…IMG_1133It looked remarkably like my Tortilla.  And the taste….well…IMG_1137While I wouldn’t say it had quite the same texture as my original, Sal’s Tortilla was quite good and the addition of cheese, which I don’t usually do, was so enjoyable that I am sure it will be making a regular appearance in my future Tortillas.

Overall, I give the Sal version of Tortilla a 7/10.  If you are interested in trying this yummy dish but are intimidated by the complexity of the original, I highly recommend that you give Sal’s recipe a try.1497610_10152167743821095_1229518733_nAnd Sal….to you I say ‘Salud’!


One thought on “Tortilla de Sal

  1. This is the world-famous Sal speaking here.

    Tortilla Detente has been achieved! Two opposites–a Spanish grandmother and a lazy rabble-rouser–have put down their spatulas and finally locked in a warm embrace. The traditional Tortilla Espanola and the bastardized version now live together in peace and harmony–marching hand-in-hand to fatten the masses.

    I think there is a lesson to be learned here. If these two recipes can co-exist peacefully, then so also can Trump and Clinton followers. Gun control and 2nd amendment advocates. People who spend their Friday nights dressed in rubber dog suits and those who spend them watching PBS.

    This is America, god dammit! Americans can have their Spanish food both ways. It’s a new day.

    XOXOXO, Beccs.

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