Goin’ to the Chapel….

Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-27

Today I met with my first wedding photography client and it was amazing!

Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-23

We did a location preview at the Chapel in the Pines in Sycamore IL.

Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-24

The story of this really cool place is that the couple who own the farm were celebrating their 30th anniversary back in the 90’s when the husband decided to build his wife their very own Chapel on the property as his gift to her.

Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-22

Back then the chapel was quite small and was just behind their home.  Right away, friends and family began asking to use the chapel to get married in.

And the rest is history…as they say!  Here are a few more photos from my visit…

Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-3Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-4Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-11Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-12Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-13Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-16Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-18Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-15Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-19

The grounds were stunning and peaceful, set in the middle of a corn field and dotted with tall trees, flowers and garden sculptures.  Since it’s beginning, the couple has added a gazebo, lovely sidewalks and has turned the original barn, silo and outbuilding into a venue for receptions.

Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-20Pete & Kim Wedding 2016-21

I really enjoyed our visit and discussing the upcoming wedding plans with the bride to be!

If you are looking for something a bit different…check this place out…Chapel in the Pines.

I can’t wait to share the actual wedding photos with you in September.

Stay tuned…


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