Such a beautiful place. Our family was blessed this summer with the gift of a Hawaiian cruise from Make A Wish.  For those of you who don’t know, my son has a rare neuro-immunological disease called transverse myelitis.  It struck at 2 months old, post vaccination.  He was left paralyzed from the mid chest down and uses a wheelchair.  A few years ago one of our therapists contacted Make A Wish and asked for him to receive a wish and this year we finally did.  (some people have asked me if this means he is dying…I just want to assure everyone that it does not!  MAW grants wishes to children who suffer from life threatening as well as terminal conditions.)


The whole experience was amazing!  If you are looking for a wonderful charity to donate to…I highly recommend them.  They do everything to make a child’s wish come true in the most special and spectacular way.Hawaii-23

My son thought long and hard about what he wanted and decided that he really wanted to go to Hawaii and he really wanted to try a cruise.  Tim and I are not cruise people.  We like to go to a place and just stay there.  Austin knew that a cruise was not in his future so he took it into his own hands to make it happen.  (smart kid!)Hawaii-45

Traveling with our family is a bit of a logistical nightmare.  Between Austin’s needs for wheelchair accessibility and my celiac need for gluten free food…it takes months to plan a successful trip.  I was nervous about having someone else plan for us (control freak that I am) but it all went very well.

From the limo driver that picked us up…IMG_1250

To the United staff who made my son the hero of the day…IMG_3669

To the Make A Wish Hawaii people who greeted us…IMG_3671

To the cruise ship VIP treatment…Hawaii-51

Hawaii was amazing and beautiful and I am happy that we were able to visit there.  Here are some photos that I took on our trip….Hawaii-12Hawaii-4Hawaii-13Hawaii_-5Hawaii_-7Hawaii_-26Hawaii_-17Hawaii_-18Hawaii_-19Hawaii_-20Hawaii_-24Hawaii_-29Hawaii_-30Hawaii_-31Hawaii_-34Hawaii_-37

And one of our favorite places…Pearl Harbor…Hawaii-60

We were fortunate enough to meet this gentleman while visiting Pearl Harbor.  He called out to my son as we passed and asked him to come over.  He held his hand and told him about how he was a Pearl Harbor survivor and was 99 years old.  He was fascinating and wonderful to visit with.  My husband and I got all teary listening to him.  There are so few survivors left these days that it’s such an honor to meet and speak with one.Hawaii_-42

We are back and working hard to get ready for school in a few days!  If we spoke about a photo session prior to our trip, please contact me and we will get you set up with a time.  I am booking for senior pictures and family holiday photos.

Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback!


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