Where are YOU?

Can we talk??  For a while now I have noticed a trend among other women…they don’t want to be in photos.  Yes, I’m talking to YOU, the Mom who ducks every time you see a camera.  You know what I’m talking about. You post hundreds of photos of your kids together, your kids with your husband, your kids with the dog, etc etc.  What’s missing….YOU!100_3236I read an interesting article when my kids were much younger about how so many Moms think that they look too fat, too ugly, too gross to ever be in front of the camera.  They skip out on every photo opportunity.  The article went on to say that, if one of these wonderful moms died tomorrow, there would be no actual evidence that she existed in the lives of her children.  (I wish I could find the original article as I would love to put a link but, so far, I have had no luck)100_3332The gist of the article was that our kids see us every day…for better or for worse…and they don’t care what we look like. They only care that we were there. And how will they know we were there if they can’t look back and see us? There was an example of an adult daughter who had lost her mother and was trying to put together a nice photo collage for the service but literally could not find enough photos of her mother to fill up a corner of the board.  She was sad to know that she would not be able to share her mother’s life in photos with her own future children.  (which made me realize how very few photos there are of my own mom with us)IMG_4436I saw so much of myself in that article! I alway felt like I was too fat, didn’t have makeup on, wasn’t wearing a cute outfit etc, etc. I looked back over our family photos and realized that I, too, was missing. And I made a decision right then and there to not care what I looked like and to be present in the photographic lives of my family.IMG_7179It wasn’t easy at first. I was so used to being behind the camera or to ducking out of the shots, that I had to really think about getting in there. I had to hand the camera over to my husband or someone else and ask to be included at first, because no one even though to ask if I wanted to be in the photo. Gradually my family started to suggest that I get in the shot, that I be included. And you know what…the more I did it, the more fun it became!  IMG_6258I can’t tell you how many times recently that I have discussed a photo session for the holidays and was told “kids only”. But why? Let’s get the whole family in there. Start a new tradition! Be present in the photographic history of your family. Trust me…it will change your life!IMG_2447I am encouraging all of my upcoming family session clients to include the whole family.  Bring the dog even. Start a new tradition!!

Trust me…your family will be happy that you did.



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