One Gorgeous Mama

When you first start a small business, you wonder how long it will take for your business to  really take off? So much goes into the business, behind the scenes, before it is ready to be introduced to the world.  Will people enjoy your photographs? Will they actually book sessions with you? The happy answer is….YES!!  This weekend I had 4 photo sessions filling up both days.  I can’t tell you how exciting that was for me.  img_5794

One of my sessions was with this gorgeous Mama.  img_5610

She is expecting a little girl.img_5673

I think she was a bit nervous about posing for me.img_5818

As this was my very first maternity session…I was grateful to have someone who was willing to let me try out new things.img_5867

Travel to different places.img_5854

And generally boss her around all morning.img_5797

I love the way her photos turned out.  She is absolutely glowing!img_5849

One comment that she made was that she never did this with her first daughter and now she regrets it.  Her daughter loves to see photos of herself in Mommy’s belly.  Unfortunately, she did not take very many back then.  That was a big part of why she wanted to do this now…to be sure to have photographs to share with this girlie some day.img_5626

I know that many pregnant women feel like they are not very attractive during this time.  I imagine that many women avoid photos and then regret it later.  Don’t let that happen to you! There is definitely a window that is perfect for a photo session like this. I can help you figure out when that would be for you.img_5585

I hope that she enjoyed the experience as much as I did!img_5579

And…I hope to do many more maternity photo sessions in the future.img_5712

Thank you for letting me share in this precious time in your life!img_5804

Know someone who might want to schedule a maternity session?  If you refer someone to me and they complete a photo session, you will get a 50% off coupon to use on any photo session options for your own family in the future!img_5596

I appreciate your referrals.


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