No Bridezilla Here!!

Last weekend I photographed my first wedding.  To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  Weddings are a BIG deal.  There are no second chances to capture those moments that are so special and dear to the bride & groom.  Like this…


Luckily for me…my bride was the most amazing, laid back gal ever.  In fact, not only was she completely relaxed….she was super fun!


Having a fun bride really sets the tone for the whole event.  It allows everyone else to be funny & spontaneous.  Like the groom…


Now…don’t get me wrong…I still captured all of the important and beautiful moments like this…


and the cute planned moments, like this…


But the funny, unexpected, and totally off the wall moments are the ones I love.  Like this…


and this…


and ESPECIALLY this one…(it’s a bit blurry but still hilarious!)…


Thank you to Pete and Kim for trusting me with this very important day!!  It’s always a big leap of faith to hire any photographer but, especially to give someone a chance who has never actually photographed your type of event before.

Love you guys!!


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