Embrace the Unexpected!

When  I began this photography journey I had visions of perfectly coifed children, bows in their hair, smiling daintily for the camera exactly on cue.  I was excited to capture those moments and deliver them to the clients in all of their colorful, 8″ x 10″ glory.  And then this happened….


and this…


and even this….


and, instead of being upset or stressed about these things I realized that sometimes these WERE the moment worth capturing.  Like when the Mom said to me “Oh, he makes that face all the time…it’s his thing”… I realized that she would cherish that silly picture because it actually captured his personality, exactly as it was, in that moment in time.


I came to realize that I needed to embrace these funny moments…create them even.  Not only are they actually great to look at, they really help to loosen kids (and sometimes even adults) up and relax them in a way that nothing else quite does.


And once they are comfortable around me, they become who they truly are even in the photographs.  (little stinkers!)  And I love them and their silly faces…


…their pouty faces…


…their ‘You want me to do what?’ faces…


When people finally forget that you are taking pictures…they do the things worth taking pictures of…


And, even when we are not actually composing a shot, I always keep shooting because you never know when you will capture something like this…


…or this…


So, while you might not want to put one of these photos on your Christmas card this year (or…if you are really cool you just might!), I still consider them some of my best work!

Happy Fall Everyone!!


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