Eaker Family

(In the interest of actually fulfilling my goal of posting to my blog more often, I thought I would recap last weekend’s photo fun.  Better late than never!)

Last weekend I was excited to photograph this lovely family.  The main request that the parents had was to capture a whole family photo.  I am so happy that we were able to achieve this given that both of the kids were under the weather a little that day.img_3241I think it’s very hard when you plan something like this in advance, and the available weekends for fall colors are very limited, and then people aren’t feeling their best.  Of course…you would never know it to see these sweet faces!img_3310img_3369Not only did we have some gorgeous fall colors….we also found a nice pumpkin and mum display to take a few photos with…img_3421img_3437We also found this….img_3151She was completely fascinated with the big scarecrow.  So cute!  img_3336I was so happy that they chose me to capture these beautiful shots of their family.img_3236


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