The Bridal Portrait Session

The proposal has happened, and the date has been set.  (and hopefully you called me to take your engagement photos)  You’re busy renting a hall, hiring a caterer, a DJ, and a photographer (me!).  It’s such an exciting time in your life!  img_6773Then the actual day arrives and you are up early, butterflies in your belly, thrilled to finally have gotten to this point with everything in place.  The day is full, busy, packed….and you still have to squeeze in time to spend with everyone and to take photos.  Will those photos looked relaxed and natural or will they look tense, rushed and stressed? img_6917 A trend among smart brides is to schedule a ‘Bridal Portrait Session’ separate from the wedding.  Yes…it might mean getting dressed, made up, and getting your hair done twice but it’s also a great time to do a trial run in advance of your actual wedding.  img_6715Bridal Portrait Sessions are a great way to get in all of those special shots that you might not have time for on your actual wedding day.  You can travel to different locations, take your time, be relaxed and have fun.  img_6759And don’t think that these sessions have to come before the wedding.  The photos from this session were actually done after the wedding.  I was booked already for their actual wedding date so they immediately made plans to take these photos later…thus getting amazing, on location, shots of just them together without the pressure of schedules, guests, etc.img_6904I highly recommend that you consider adding a Bridal Portrait Session to your wedding plans.  And when you do….be sure to give me a call!!img_7004XO

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