Family Fun!

I love taking photos!  I love retouching photos!  (seriously…I have a hard time tearing myself away once I start a session)  But…I especially love it when I get to take and retouch photos of people that I care about.  When your family trusts you to capture their very precious memories…well…that makes my job even better.img_9004Last month I met up with my nephew and his family to take some fall photos.  Unfortunately, it started to rain that day and the weather was just not pleasant.img_9096img_8954We snapped a few shots before the girls just were too cold and miserable to continue.  I promised him that we would revisit this as soon as the weather cleared up. A few weeks ago we met up to give it another shot.img_3094Luckily…our second day was beautiful!  The fall colors had finally blossomed and the weather was wonderful.  We captured so many gorgeous photos of the girls that it was hard to choose which ones were the absolute best!img_2509img_2545And the eyes on this girl…O.M.G.  No retouching necessary!img_2866img_2825img_2810Now that the photos have been delivered I wanted to share a few snaps from our session.  Working with people you love makes my job even more wonderful than it already is.img_3049These are some of my favorites….I love these silly girls!!img_2793img_2788img_2785img_2782Winter photo sessions coming soon…get some cute boots and a scarf and meet me in the woods when the first snowfall happens.  Let’s capture the magic together…


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