A New Leaf

Last month I photographed a cocktail reception that was held after the couple’s destination wedding (Paris!).  The reception was at a very unique Chicago venue….A New Leaf.  I had never been to this venue but I heard from friends that it was different and boy were they right…it was fantastic. I thought I would share some of the highlights of this beautiful event…

img_8490img_8635img_8672img_8491img_8395img_8592The venue is in a space that is stripped down to the bare essentials.  I loved the dark, industrial vibe but it was definitely a challenge to photograph in.  A New Leaf is actually a florist who offers this space next door for events.  They provided the beautiful flowers for the reception as part of the package.  In addition to the indoor space they also had an outside courtyard that would be awesome in nicer weather.img_8608img_8545img_8555img_8565The building includes multiple open levels, cement floors & stairways, vintage brick, and quirky lighting.  The food and drinks were served in the back of the lower level on a long metal table with the biggest flower arrangement I had ever seen.  The levels made for wonderful vantage points to capture shot of the guests. (And one tired photographer by the end of the night!)img_8436img_8564img_8575img_8582img_8716The bride wore a non-traditional red designer gown that was absolutely stunning on her.  I couldn’t imagine her in anything else frankly.  They were a happy couple who couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other. And their children…so sweet!img_8308img_8501img_8518I captured this shot discreetly in the apartment above.  They were thoroughly engrossed in each other while they rehearsed their dance.img_8339The dance floor was on the highest level of the building and, although small, was beautifully lit and the D.J. drew the crowd upward for a night of crazy fun!img_8935img_8930img_8754img_8739I enjoyed photographing this beautiful event and meeting this fun family.  If you are looking for an interesting place to host an event, I highly recommend A New Leaf.img_8614 And…don’t forget to call me…your photographer!


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