And just like that….

…..all of my photo sessions are edited and delivered!  And it’s finally time to get my Christmas on.  I am usually way more on top of this whole holiday thing but this year between rushing to get everyones holiday photos done and traveling over Thanksgiving, well, let’s just say my own cards are going to be a bit late and leave it at that.img_8224I love Christmas!  I love everything about it!  I love the decorations, picking out the tree, the music, the baking, the gift giving, the decorations….yep….I said it again!img_8188Now that my daughter is older, she loves to help with everything.  This year, because I was so swamped with editing, she even carried all of the bins up from the basement and unloaded them.  I love that girl!img_8198This is her reading her novel on the couch tonight as I walked around shooting photos.  That girl loves to read.  She asked me tonight to add Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights to her Christmas list….yay!img_8247Up until a few years ago, we didn’t have a fireplace.  I had to hang the stockings on walls or furniture.  I was so happy when we added this room to our house and included this awesome fireplace!  Now my stockings have a perfect home! (Crazy dog bonus!)img_8204img_8202If you hadn’t noticed….I have a thing for little trees.  Especially the bottle brush style.  I probably have 100 of them spread out throughout my house.  I also love vintage holiday decorations.  Here are a few that were handed down from my childhood…img_8194img_8195But, most of all, I love the tree.  Our Christmas tree reads like a history of our family.  Every year, when we unwrap each ornament, it inspires conversations about where they came from and when.  For instance, this was the first ornament that Tim and I bought together…img_8215And this ornament I made when I only had one little person in my life…img_8183And this one was from when there were two boys and no Ella (she hates that!)…img_8240There are ornaments on our tree from every trip I have every taken starting in college.  And now we purchase new ornaments every year for our kids to mark their milestones and likes.img_8239img_8210img_8242img_8212And squirrels…you know there are a few of those on there!img_8225This guy lived at my house from the time I was very small.  I love that he is still around.  I think he used to light up but that part is long gone.  Here we are together back in the 60’s…00360012There is something magical about taking out the same decorations with my children that I remember from my own childhood. Like this gem that I made when I was younger…img_8209Here are a few more quick shots from around the house…img_8226img_8203img_8245The next few weeks will be filled with holiday goodness and fun times with my family.  It will be nice to have some game playing, Christmas movie watching, treat eating time before things start to ramp up again in the new year.  I’m already planning out all of my awesome mini sessions so get ready….it’s going to be so much fun!

Merry Christmas to your family from ours!


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