Epic Blog Fail!

I guess they are right about New Year’s resolutions….great intentions, not always great results.  So far this year my goal to post more often to my blog has not happened.  I blame the gloomy weather we have had here in Chicago for my lack of motivation.  Seriously…we have gone DAYS without sun!  I need sun apparently…cropped-black-ground-logo.pngSo, let’s catch up!  I did post about my new logo. (my one and only post that is)  That has led to a frantic ordering of new business cards, revamping websites and reworking promotional materials.  And, speaking of promotions, if you belong to any of the Facebook groups that I am on, you will know that I also ran some pretty great promotions to start off the new year.  I love giving away photo sessions….it makes me so happy.  I have set big goals this year for making sure that I give back to the many people who have supported me and so far…so good!img_9591I have also been changing things around in my house.  The typical New Year’s purge has happened….my studio has now turned into a prop closet and photography equipment storage center…and we are in the middle of redoing my daughter’s bedroom with an updated style more reflective of her growing up…mixed feelings on that one.  She is my toughest customer…it took 6 paint samples for us to finally agree on one.  The winter weather and post holiday blahs don’t lend themselves to too many photo sessions but we did have a nice warm day where I was able to visit one of my favorite clients and do a little lifestyle session with them. img_9371 I am excited that more and more people are requesting this cool photo documentary style. Stay tuned for a whole post devoted to this increasingly popular style of photography.  If I could do all Lifestyle sessions for my clients….I think I would.  They are very authentic and real and give a snapshot of what your life is like in this moment.  What an amazing gift to give your children some day…the ability to capture your memories.  So watch for another post devoted to that subject coming soon…kim-engagement-collageI am also adding a whole section to my website devoted to products.  I recently ordered a few items for myself so that I could see how my photography translated to the products that I would like to offer.  From metal prints to photo books to photo collages….there will be so many great items to choose from.  The photo collages are fun and can be customized with more than just photos.  They can be printed in any size and are ready for framing.  You choose your photos and other items and I put them together.  So much fun!jayda-collageAt the moment,  I am frantically working on the dance decorations for my daughter’s last Daddy Daughter Dance in elementary school.  Here is a photo from last year’s dance…img_9120  The part of me that singlehandedly creates these things every year is happy to say goodbye to this huge undertaking.  But, the part of me that can’t believe that my baby will be in middle school next year is not quite so happy.img_8106This winter has not been the best for nice snowy photo sessions.  I captured this photo of Ella on the one day that we had some white snow.  While I am enjoying the warmer winter…my clients who wanted pretty snow photos have been disappointed.  Maybe we will get a bit more snow yet….

I am pleased to say that my calendar is filling up with photo session bookings for the upcoming seasons.  If you want to guarantee yourself a spot in either Spring, Summer or Fall, please be sure to drop me a note soon.  No specific dates yet….I will wait to see how the weather pans out this year…but once you are on my list I guarantee you a spot!  Check out my website for more information at…

Becci Hethcoat Photography

Happy February!!


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