A ‘Bump’ session outside in February….what?!?!

Well…..it’s February in Chicago and apparently we have some of the best weather in the nation right now.  Us. Chicago. Who would have thought?!?  Clearly not me as I did not book any photo sessions for a month when we normally have snow and cold weather.img_0758So…when a Mom from my girl scout troop asked me if I had time to snap some photos of her gorgeous daughter as she was 36 weeks pregnant and hadn’t planned her maternity photos yet….I jumped at the chance.  Then, the question became, where to go….img_0563In February nothing is really green.  There are no flowers, no leaves on the trees, everything is pretty bleak.  So I drove around a few days before our session (forecast of 60 degrees!) and looked for a nice spot for us to take our photos.  Boy did I luck out!img_0529I have to say that if I didn’t tell you it was mid February in Chicago in these photos you would never have known.  Yay for my client and our awesome session!!img_0661When we discussed the session, they expressed an interest in doing both green and urban shots.  We ended up visiting 3 different locations to get all of these great shots!art-2img_0592art-3After we finished in the wooded location…we headed to our little downtown area for some great backdrops.  I love all of the old brick, cool doors and nice urban vibe.img_0817img_0837art-9art-6So many great ways to customize your photos with art…words…and more…art-7This is especially nice if the client orders a slideshow, fusion video or is placing them into a photo book for the baby.  We then moved on to our final location…img_1041img_1102img_1119img_1106I love the cool old cabin in this park.  It makes a wonderful backdrop with lots of texture and great color.

The best photos were turned into this collage.  These collages can be customized with art, names or just photos.  They can be printed just like photo prints and framed, mounted on board, or printed on canvas.  So far they have been a big hit with my recent clients!  Ask me about yours with your next session…picmonkey-collage-4-copyComing soon….session videos and fusion videos!  Stay tuned…


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