When I was a young child, my very favorite thing to do was to visit with my cousins!  Cousins were fun friends to hang out with, have sleepovers with, and generally get into mischief with.  They were truly my first best friends.  So when this Mom contacted me about doing a little impromptu session with her children and their visiting cousins….I was all in!IMG_3725We met up at a local park on what had to be the sunniest day ever.  There wasn’t much shade so I did the best I could to capture great shots wherever we could.  First I met this guy who was quick to tell me that he wasn’t planning to pose for any photos…IMG_3994IMG_4059Let’s just say that that was not a problem for me.  I love this one…it almost looks like I photoshopped him in but he just photobombed the girls…IMG_3729Let’s talk about the girls….so much cuteness!  They were shy but so sweet and I loved seeing all of their love for each other.IMG_3742IMG_3767IMG_3777I tried to capture individual photos of each child…just in case the large group shot didn’t happen.  You just never know with 5 kids under 6 years old.IMG_3799IMG_3915IMG_3804IMG_3809We had lots of action shots…IMG_3942IMG_4015IMG_4016IMG_3870And, once they warmed up a little bit to me and my camera, we attempted some posed shots of them all.  I think we did pretty well…..all things considered….IMG_3858IMG_3909 copyIMG_4098 copyI couldn’t resist a few cute cousins quotes of course.  Perfect for framing!  IMG_4124When I saw the stylin’ shoes that the girls were wearing I knew that they needed a photo all on their own.  I love this photo!!  Sparkly shoes are the best!

I had so much fun with this gang!  I hope we get to do it again soon…


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