Easter…with chickens!

I love Easter.  The baskets, the egg hunt, all that yummy chocolate….  So when a mom on one of my Facebook groups posted a request for a photographer who could come snap a few photos of her family on Easter hunting eggs with real CHICKENS…..I was totally in!!IMG_5960Fortunately, she lives 5 minutes away and, since my family doesn’t really do much on Easter normally, I figured I could sneak away for an hour, shoot some photos, and be back before anyone in a sugar coma noticed that I was gone.  IMG_6103Well, of course, it didn’t work out quite that way.  We normally never host Easter so it’s just us having a nice meal.  This year we ended up with a house full of people sort of at the last minute.  I guess being compulsively organized comes in handy in these situations.  I started all of the food, got everything ready, snuck out to my photo session, and still had dinner on the table for everyone to enjoy.IMG_5961In the meantime…I really enjoyed meeting this sweet extended family.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the chickens (and kids) were so cute.IMG_5975IMG_5980IMG_5968I even captured the moment when the chicken flew off of her shoulder!IMG_6009This girl was obsessed with the chickens.  It was so cute.  She even tried to give them the plastic eggs from the hunt.  Talk about confused chickens!IMG_5962IMG_5965IMG_6038The chickens didn’t seem to mind all of the attention.IMG_6013IMG_5983IMG_5970IMG_5992IMG_5991After the chicken fun…there were eggs to find all over the yard.  I captured some egg hunt photos, got some group family shots, and was back at home with lamb on the grill in no time.IMG_6112In addition to the action shots I threw in some cool black and whites of each of the kids.  The sun made it difficult to capture the best photos but I was happy that these turned out so nice.IMG_6309-2IMG_6042IMG_6041IMG_6072IMG_6087-2IMG_6198IMG_6355-2I consider this Easter with a bonus!!

I’m slowly catching up on my blog posts….next up….first communion fun!!


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