First Communion Fun x 2!

I have been dying to share this session with you! Of course, I had to wait until I actually delivered it to my client first but that is done and here it is…IMG_6945When I initially spoke with this Mom about a First Communion session I was excited to find that it was not for just one child but for TWINS!  Twins are definitely double the fun and these two did not disappoint.IMG_6953IMG_6957As with all kids it took them a minute to warm up to me.  While that was happening I snapped up all of the serious church shots (you know…for the grandparents and stuff). Things like…. IMG_6991IMG_6994IMG_7014IMG_7020IMG_7004IMG_7100IMG_7118These two were just all kinds of cute!  I could already see the fun we were going to have.IMG_7075Once I got them warmed up though….it was on!  I love this shot…IMG_7128IMG_7178IMG_7232IMG_7243IMG_7257We took a stroll around the church to capture a few outside shots and hit up the playground.  And then they found the hopscotch…IMG_7286IMG_7291These two had such fun personalities.  They were interesting and funny and unconventional.  Our next stop was one of my favorite places for photos…IMG_7321IMG_7341IMG_7352IMG_7360They were ready & willing to try any of the crazy things I asked them to. Super twins!IMG_7630 My favorite kind of kids!  Of course I had no idea this would happen when they saw the swings…IMG_7504Or this…IMG_7529IMG_7590IMG_7600IMG_7619I just snapped away while they had a blast!IMG_7614IMG_7456IMG_7444I am especially grateful to their Mom (Hi Kim!) who graciously let them play for my camera even though it meant a trip to the cleaners before the actual first communion could happen the following week.IMG_7676I love every single photo from this session.

More First Communion photos coming soon…..


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