IMG_7938-1This girl…IMG_8051She is so beautiful!IMG_8176IMG_8209IMG_7894And, although most new Moms of girls are only interested in pink, her Mom was open to letting me have fun with bold colors!IMG_8225IMG_8263IMG_8240I had never done red before, and I think she might have been a bit skeptical at first, but they turned out so fabulous.IMG_8156IMG_7925IMG_8112I was thrilled to see that she wrote “100% love” about Black & White photos.  I am in total agreement…especially when it comes to newborns.  The wrinkles…the shadows…ah!IMG_7982IMG_7972IMG_7953-2Add one big, strong Daddy and it elevates newborn photos to a whole new level.  Every girl needs her Daddy!IMG_8025IMG_8005And finally….IMG_8137 copyI love, love, love this photo…and this quote.  She looks like a super snuggly hippie girl.

And there is no doubt in my mind, after spending some time with this sweet family, that this girl will be so loved.

Thank you for trusting me to capture these special moments.


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