Meet Kenzie.IMG_8511Kenzie is a young Mom of a cute 2 year old son.IMG_8398Recently she wrote on one of my Facebook Mom groups about her desire to attend her high school prom and the struggle to afford such a huge undertaking.IMG_8363The response was immediate, powerful, and inspiring!IMG_8507  These Moms took time from their busy lives to reach out to her offering everything from a dress (which had to be rush shipped from out of state), to shoes, flowers, hair, makeup, jewelry….everything!IMG_8439  I was excited to be able to offer my photography services to capture some photos of her on her special day.  IMG_8423We met down at the Naperville Riverwalk on a gorgeous day.IMG_8565  I saw the results of so many wonderful Moms at work that day as I shot photos of Kenzie before her prom.  I admit, as a Mom myself, I teared up a bit.IMG_8566IMG_8569I am happy to report that she had a great time at the dance and I hope that our community created lifelong memories for her!IMG_8561I even thought what a fun tradition it would be to do something like this for a special girl every year.  IMG_8456Thank you to all of the generous Moms who came together to make her dream come true.  I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing community of women!


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