Family session at Cantigny

IMG_0294I met this young family when the Mom contacted me about photographing their upcoming wedding.IMG_0327IMG_0271While we were discussing the wedding plans, it came up that they had not had family photos taken recently.  A great opportunity for us to work together and for them to get updated family photos!IMG_0601IMG_0640We had originally planned to meet up at another location but, upon arrival, I realized that it was so crowded that taking photos would be impossible. (Prom!)  So we made a quick change that took us to Cantigny.  IMG_0384I love Cantigny!  My family has visited there since the kids were small and I shoot there often so I am very familiar with all of the great locations for setting up photos.  Imagine my surprise when we arrived to find the entire place torn apart!  I knew the museum and tanks were under construction but I had no idea that half of the grounds were also behind barricades and fences.  Oh no!  IMG_0568IMG_0579Add to that many of the same prom goers along with several wedding parties.  Total chaos!  I was nervous about how we would find spots to take photos and keep these two toddlers from getting distracted by the other action.IMG_0542Luckily….Cantigny is a big place filled with gorgeousness so we just moved through the park taking our turn at each popular spot!  IMG_0304IMG_0371IMG_0425IMG_0415And…happily…you would never know that this place was one giant construction zone in the photos!  IMG_0720I even managed to sneak in a few shots of just the parents!  IMG_0759IMG_0790IMG_0792We’ll call these ‘engagement photos’…IMG_0805I love this shot…and the fact that she is holding the skittles we used to keep the little people interested there in the end.  Real life….

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