When Mustang married Cowboy…

I love weddings!  And, while I am not a traditional wedding photographer, I have photographed quite a few smaller weddings where having just one person doing the shooting works.  So when Kim contacted me about the possibility of my being her wedding photographer….well….I jumped at the chance.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-23The first thing she told me was that this was not going to be any old ordinary wedding….it was going to be a biker wedding….no white dress, no tuxedos, no bridesmaids.  Sounds right up my alley!Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-4  This wedding did not disappoint…it was full of powerful emotions, loving friends and family, and one of the sweetest love stories I have ever encountered.  Sadly, Kim was involved in a motorcycle accident just prior to the wedding date so she was in a sling for the ceremony and was in quite a bit of pain but you would never have known it to look at the photos.  All that shines through is her love for this man and her joy at finally becoming his wife.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-6Ron & Kim go way back…20 years ago they were actually engaged to each other.  Of course, not everything works out the way it is supposed to and they parted ways. Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-9 Fast forward 20 years….they reconnected…..the spark was there and it took fire.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-8If you spend any amount of time with these two you can feel the deep connection that they have.  Their love is tangible….it can be felt by everyone around them and it brings a smile to your face.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-7Their wedding was a blast!  Seriously….these people know how to have fun.  They lift each other up, make each other laugh, and are not afraid to let me photograph them doing it.  Love these ladies….Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-17Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-16Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-13I wanted to capture some of the more traditional wedding photos…Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-11Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-12Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-WheatonBut then I just went with the party….lots of special moments like when the bride was dancing with her new father in law while the groom watched from the side.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-10And, of course, when ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ came on…all the ladies were crowding around the one ‘Cowboy’ in the room.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-20It rained the day of the wedding so no one rode their bikes (my biggest disappointment was no cool Harley photos) but the weather cleared up in the evening which gave us a chance for some beautiful outdoor sunset shots.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-19The Punishers were out in full force for their club president.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-22And you know I had to get one of the groom’s cool rings!  These guys have the best hands for photographing…ever.Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-18Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day! Becci Hethcoat Photography-Wedding-Wheaton-21Here’s to Cowboy & Mustang!



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