It’s that time of year again….Senior Sessions!!  I love capturing seniors on the cusp of leaving home for the first time, going off into the world and figuring out what they want to do.  Here are some shots from my first Senior session of the year….Class of 2018!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-36BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-7BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-15BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-27BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-32We captured these shots at Cantigny.  It’s equal parts formal and casual and has everything from the mansion to garden structures to expansive green space.  And, even though the entire place is under construction, we still managed to fine enough fun places to get these great photos.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-18BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-19BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-30And my favorite….SPIN!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-26BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-25BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-24BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-23A quick change into an outfit that reflects her college choice and favorite sport and we were back in business.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-46BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-39BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-49BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-52BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-58And one more change into a nice casual outfit for the final sunset photos.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-63BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-65BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-64BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-67BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-66BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Session-Wheaton-68Good luck to this beautiful girl as she heads into her final year of high school and beyond!  Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful time in your life.


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