A Split Session!

I was discussing the different newborn options with a potential client a while back and, as I explained the difference between a lifestyle newborn vs a studio newborn session, I could tell that she was torn between the two.  But, it was only after determining that she had just recently moved into my very own neighborhood (woo hoo) that I suggested an unusual arrangement…a split session!IMG_2859This client has both a newborn and a toddler.  I love to bring newborns into the studio for perfect posing options but I almost alway suggest the lifestyle session when siblings are involved because they definitely do better in their own homes.  In this case…it was easy to do both.IMG_2855We started off in their home to accommodate the toddler’s schedule.  It was the perfect place to capture photos of this adorable guy and his parents along with the baby.IMG_2897IMG_3013IMG_2965IMG_2942Parents are always worried about their home not being “right” for photos but I try to reassure them that we will use very tiny snippets from your house so it rarely matters if you live in a mansion or have fancy furnishings.  IMG_2984IMG_2999And, once I saw this cutie, I knew that I had to capture all of his fun faces and sweet personality of course!IMG_2916IMG_2915IMG_2913IMG_2877Then we packed up the baby goods and shifted our session to my home studio where it was just the baby and his parents.  It was perfect for these sweet posed shots…IMG_3257IMG_3148IMG_3047And, I was also able to capture some of my all time favorite black and white newborn photos ever…IMG_3069IMG_3074IMG_3101This little guy was so wonderful.  The minute I would put him on either his Mom or Dad, no matter how fast asleep he was, he would break out in the sweetest smile.  I didn’t even have to say “cheese”.IMG_3111IMG_3132We grabbed a few parent requests, like this ring photo, and then we were done.IMG_3215IMG_3193Such a great session that gave them a lot to choose from and kept everyone happy!

If you are interested in exploring different session options, please let me know and we can work together to build the perfect session for you!


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