Cute Kids!

Are photo sessions just for babies, toddlers and Christmas cards?  Nope.  Why not capture professional photos of your kids at every age instead of relying on those regular school photos?IMG_3465This Mom contacted me to do just that.  She wanted to get some annual photos of her older children.  We agreed to meet up at one of my favorite spots (the double swing is always a hit!) and she mentioned that she just wanted a few closeups for framing and maybe a few other shots.  What?!?  You know I don’t work like that…LOLIMG_3406IMG_3461Once we got those two closeups out of the way…it was on.IMG_3286IMG_3281IMG_3328IMG_3444These two were so much fun!  Seriously….once I got them to relax into our session…we had a blast! IMG_3543IMG_3332IMG_3428IMG_3436As anyone who has had a session with me knows, I totally encourage funny faces, hilarious poses, and all sorts of shenanigans!  I want your real personality to shine in my photos and in this case…it worked!IMG_3297IMG_3483IMG_3441IMG_3370I try to capture great images in both color and black and white as part of every package.  I, personally, just love black and white photography!IMG_3519IMG_3506IMG_3503And I always try to end sessions here with the swings.  Not only is it fun…leaving a lasting impression on the kids that photo sessions are NOT boring…but it also produces some great action shots to treasure.

Of course, when I asked these guys is they wanted to do a “jump” photo, they were all in.  I told them to jump and pose on 3….ONE….TWO…THREE…and they BOTH did this!  It was a totally spontaneous and hilarious moment.  IMG_3501This session was so much fun!  I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Call today to book a fun photo shoot for your kids!


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