Family Lifestyle Session

People often ask me…what are these Lifestyle Photo Sessions that I keep hearing about?  I thought I would share a family lifestyle session that I did recently to give you an idea of how they work, when they work best, and why they are growing in popularity.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-11When this Mom contacted me for a newborn session, I recommended that we do it in her home as she had newborn twins as well as a toddler.  Home sessions are always better with little people.  After I delivered their newborn photos, she contacted me to do a whole family session for them a while later. BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-18Again, we decided on a lifestyle home session as it would be so much easier for the family and would capture them in this very special moment in time.  BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-12The most important thing to note is that you do not have to have a perfect house, all sparkly clean, for this to work!  As a Mom myself, I know exactly how hard it is to keep things in order with little ones in the house, especially newborns, so I have zero expectations as far as that goes.  I always tell people “clean as if your best friend is coming over, not your mother-in-law”.  BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-124When I arrive I will look around to see where the best places would be to stage photos.  Sometimes you have an obvious place like in front of the fireplace or in the master bedroom.  I like to choose several locations to give our photos some variety.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-4BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-5BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-69Most importantly, I like to capture moments of your real life.  You can choose to cook a meal together, play a game or play outside.  All great interactions for photos.  Or you can just be yourselves…BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-2BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-21BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-104I will make suggestions throughout our session.  I will also let you lead.  I asked this guy to show me his bedroom and while we were there I captured all kinds of sweet boy goodness.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-52BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-50BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-49Mom had a few shots that she wanted to get that were something that she had done with her older child so we captured those as well.  So much cuteness!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-86BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-89Lucky for me, they had a sweet outdoor area around their house which lent itself to some great photos.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-14BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-16And this guy…once he warmed up to me it was on!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-32BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-31BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-34BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-33Stairs are another great spot for posing.  We took a whole series of shots just sitting on their stairway.  BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-59BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-61BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-64BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-65Casual, loving, shots of Mom and her babies.  Love it!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-118BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-122And, while these are definitely different from posed studio photos, they are equally great for framing and hanging around the house or making a nice book to keep and remember this fleeting time in your family’s life.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-83Of course, this is my favorite shot from our day.  Mom had these shirts printed up especially for our session.  I’m so happy that I got to spend the day with this family and give them this gift of memories.

If you think that a lifestyle session might be perfect for you…..give me a call!


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