This sweet girl came to my studio with her parents and big sister to capture some newborn photos.  She was so snuggly! BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-6BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-5We chose many great props, headbands and wraps and she happily posed in them all!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-30BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-12BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-WheatonHer parents brought along some special items…a beautiful blanket, her own angel wings, and a headband gifted to them just for her.  We incorporated those into some photos as well.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-41BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-37BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-35I was excited to try out my new bunk beds.  Her special bear was perfect to fill the lower bunk!  And her sister enjoyed tucking them both in.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-48BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-50BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-51BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-56Of course, I had to capture some of my signature black and white images.  Some with just baby…BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-65BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-73BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-66And a few with Mom and Dad…BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-69BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-68BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-62And you know that I couldn’t leave the Big Sister out of the fun…especially when her Mom told me that her last photographer didn’t capture any smiles.  You know I love a challenge.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-16BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-17BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-19BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-21She brought along her favorite puppy so I made sure he got some great shots as well.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-22BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-23BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-24I mean…look at that sweet face and those big blue eyes.  Who could resist?BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-74BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-75BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-76I can’t wait to watch these sweet girls grow up as we capture future memories for their family.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!


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