I usually blog about many of my sessions as they happen but, since we were gone most of June and it’s now July, I thought I needed to catch up a bit faster!  So…here is a recap of a few of my favorite sessions from May (yes…I said May).

My sessions this month covered everything I offer…from weddings to babies to families.  I love maternity sessions, they are sweet and hopeful and exciting.  I recently shot some gender announcement photos for this couple and now their maternity photos.  As I write this I am waiting to hear that they are ready for their newborn session…I can’t believe how time flies.  A little glimpse of a fun maternity session…

Ever wonder what a lifestyle newborn session looks like?  Here are a few snippets from my in home session with baby Jack and his cutie brother.  Lifestyle sessions are becoming more and more popular, and are really great for siblings to be more comfortable in their own homes.

And once they are past the newborn age…there are milestone sessions!  This one year session was also done in the client’s home.  People always worry about whether their house is OK for photography….the lifestyle sessions are meant to capture a moment of your life!  Your house is the perfect place to do that, especially with toddlers who are much more comfortable in their own space.  I love these sweet photos of Danny with his doting parents!

I would say the category that I shoot most is Family.  I love to see my families grow and change through the years.  This family was so loving and fun!  It took a while for the little guy to warm up to me and my camera but, in the end, we got some great shots.  And those shoes…well you know I had to get a photo of those!!

Family coming into town for a visit?  Why not schedule a photo shoot to capture the wonderful memories while they are here?  This extended family doesn’t get together much so getting these photos was really important to them while they were all together this summer.  They were so much fun….I always encourage people to be silly, make funny faces, and interact genuinely, all while snapping away.  You just never know what you will get and this session is a perfect example of that!  Hilarious….

So there is a little look at some of the fun I had in May.  Next up…June sessions…..

I am opening my Fall calendar for session appointments next week!!  Perfect for those Christmas card photos….Fall session times go quickly so let me know if you would like to be on the list for Fall photos!!

Have a great weekend!!



One of the most wonderful parts about being a photographer is watching families grow and change and this family is no exception.  I first met this couple when they hired me to capture their maternity photos.  These are some of my favorites from that session.  IMG_1890IMG_1807IMG_1953Of course I was so excited to finally meet this little cutie during his newborn session.IMG_0072IMG_0200IMG_0304In a blink of an eye they were reaching out to schedule his 6 month session!  I couldn’t believe how big he had gotten when he came by the studio for his photos. IMG_9438Look at that smile!IMG_9456IMG_9474He wasn’t quite sitting up on his own yet so we had to be quick and creative with poses.IMG_9518 I love this shot!  And black and white photos of course.IMG_9449I love this shot.IMG_9610IMG_9598-2It’s always special when families bring along props that are meaningful to them.  Like this name puzzle.IMG_9842IMG_9812And Sophie the chewable giraffe.IMG_9763We even attempted one in my new vintage suitcase.  Tough when you aren’t really sitting up well yet but we did manage to pull out one cute shot.  Maybe for the one year photos!IMG_9680I am already looking forward to our next session when this little guy turns one!  Cake smash anyone?IMG_9568XO


When I got the call that this Mom hoped to include a live bunny in her daughter’s Easter/6 month photo session…I panicked a little.  Where would I get a nice, friendly bunny to spend a couple of hours in the studio?IMG_2946  I asked on my Mom’s group and got such a negative response that I was forced to take my post down. Seriously?!?  I have rescued and released 12 abandoned baby squirrels, adopted pets from rescues, and generally am the most animal friendly person ever.  I wasn’t going to buy a bunny and then abandon it at the end of my session!  I just wanted to borrow a friendly family bunny for a couple of hours.IMG_2961Just as I had given up on finding a bunny to borrow, my daughter overheard us discussing the situation and told me that her friend happened to have a pet bunny.  What?!?!  I have no idea why I didn’t just ask her to begin with .  So I called his Mom and she said “Yes” and our bunny session was on!IMG_2985Sassy was the happiest, softest, and sweetest bunny ever!!  Seriously…I could not have asked for a better bunny to pose with this little cutie.IMG_3415IMG_3414IMG_3440We had so much fun watching her reaction to the bunny.  She made the best faces!IMG_3009Once the bunny photos were over…we moved on to the other Easter setups in my new studio.  I am pleased to say that it went really well and it was exciting to know that I could photograph an older baby in studio.IMG_2793IMG_3002IMG_2905We also did a few shots with different looks and with the bunny ears.IMG_3217IMG_3101IMG_3084IMG_3088And, finally, we took some more traditional 6 month photos without all of the Easter trappings.IMG_3049I just love her with the hot pink!IMG_3676IMG_3595I had so much fun with Miss Carli. She is a doll with smile that lights up a room.  I love that I photographed her Bump session, newborn photos and now 6 months!

I look forward to our next session today….cake smash!!


Best photos of all…

I always show up to a photo session with a great plan.  I can see the photos that I would like to take in my head. I have a shot list that is filled with more great ideas to try.  They are beautiful and perfect like this family shot…


But then real life intervenes…and there are kids involved…and suddenly my photo session turns into this…


and this…


and even this…


It took me a while but now I realize that these are some of the best photos of all!  The unexpected ones…


The silly ones…


The happy ones…


The moments that aren’t planned…with the funny faces…


The photos that aren’t posed…but let the person’s personality show through…


So I will keep posing and planning but I will also always be on the lookout for these genuine moments with my families.  The ones that will always make you smile…

Happy Fall Everyone!!


The Most Beautiful Deal Ever!!


Meet Carla aka Lala Lita..

She is a totally rockin’ Wife, Mom, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, and I am lucky enough to call her my friend. These are her adorable children!  So. Much. Cuteness.

M & P 7

Carla has 2 salons….one here in Wheaton and one in Downers Grove.  She also teaches classes on things like ‘hair extensions’ and ‘hair products’ to other stylists. She is one smart cookie when it comes to all things beauty!


I am always fascinated with the transformations that she whips up in her salon. Check out these ladies and their before/after hair shots…good stuff!


She is also the woman who turned my hippie middle schooler…(isn’t he cute)…


Into this super stylish high schooler…


Of course, I loved his long hair and couldn’t even watch as she cut it away.  Sniff.


She also offers hair & makeup packages for weddings and other events.  Check out this Before & After of one of my prom photo session clients…

So…what does this have to do with you, you ask??  Well…Carla has just agreed to offer a Hair/Makeup package as a part of any photo session that you book with me for only $50.00!  As anyone who has had those things done professionally knows, that is a great deal.  So…book a photo session for Homecoming….Maternity photos….Senior pictures or even just as a part of your Family photo shoot (the Holiday Cards are coming soon!) and she will make sure that you are looking your absolute best before you step in front of the camera.

Here is the link to my Photography page so you can see my work and contact info…

Becci Hethcoat Photography

Fall photo weekends are booking up quickly….get on my calendar now to guarantee yourself a spot.  And don’t forget to mention adding in a Hair & Makeup package with Carla in her Lala Lita Salon!  You can find her here on her Facebook Page or give her a call at 630-465-6459 to book a regular appointment in one of her salons.

Have a great weekend!


Where are YOU?

Can we talk??  For a while now I have noticed a trend among other women…they don’t want to be in photos.  Yes, I’m talking to YOU, the Mom who ducks every time you see a camera.  You know what I’m talking about. You post hundreds of photos of your kids together, your kids with your husband, your kids with the dog, etc etc.  What’s missing….YOU!100_3236I read an interesting article when my kids were much younger about how so many Moms think that they look too fat, too ugly, too gross to ever be in front of the camera.  They skip out on every photo opportunity.  The article went on to say that, if one of these wonderful moms died tomorrow, there would be no actual evidence that she existed in the lives of her children.  (I wish I could find the original article as I would love to put a link but, so far, I have had no luck)100_3332The gist of the article was that our kids see us every day…for better or for worse…and they don’t care what we look like. They only care that we were there. And how will they know we were there if they can’t look back and see us? There was an example of an adult daughter who had lost her mother and was trying to put together a nice photo collage for the service but literally could not find enough photos of her mother to fill up a corner of the board.  She was sad to know that she would not be able to share her mother’s life in photos with her own future children.  (which made me realize how very few photos there are of my own mom with us)IMG_4436I saw so much of myself in that article! I alway felt like I was too fat, didn’t have makeup on, wasn’t wearing a cute outfit etc, etc. I looked back over our family photos and realized that I, too, was missing. And I made a decision right then and there to not care what I looked like and to be present in the photographic lives of my family.IMG_7179It wasn’t easy at first. I was so used to being behind the camera or to ducking out of the shots, that I had to really think about getting in there. I had to hand the camera over to my husband or someone else and ask to be included at first, because no one even though to ask if I wanted to be in the photo. Gradually my family started to suggest that I get in the shot, that I be included. And you know what…the more I did it, the more fun it became!  IMG_6258I can’t tell you how many times recently that I have discussed a photo session for the holidays and was told “kids only”. But why? Let’s get the whole family in there. Start a new tradition! Be present in the photographic history of your family. Trust me…it will change your life!IMG_2447I am encouraging all of my upcoming family session clients to include the whole family.  Bring the dog even. Start a new tradition!!

Trust me…your family will be happy that you did.



365 Photo Project…and a special birthday wish!

(this was supposed to post yesterday but, somehow, didn’t….so here it is)

First off I wanted to wish my bestie Brenda a Happy Happy Birthday today!! She has been there for me forever, is the Godmother to my children, and my sister from another mother.IMG_5868-2 Ella & her Aunt Brenda have a super special bond that I hope will last forever.IMG_5870-2She and I have shopped together, pedicured together, traveled together, and have been through lots of life’s ups and downs. She has always been there when I needed her (even if it meant working a party with 20 screaming 6 year olds). IMG_9397-3I am so proud of her and all of the wonderful changes that she has brought forth in her life recently.  So…

Happy Happy Birthday my friend!! Many more…