The reluctant senior…

I don’t know about you but I remember taking my senior photos like it was yesterday.  Such an exciting time of choosing outfits, getting my hair done, and figuring out the best makeup.  Of course, all that to end up in a studio with a single dark backdrop and a few canned poses.  I’m happy to report that senior photography has come a long way since then.  BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-5Gone are the studio days…today’s seniors have so much to choose from.  Fun locations, a variety of outfits, themed props and more…they can literally design their own session from top to bottom.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-10Of course, the excitement that I felt at the thought of taking my senior photos is not always shared by every senior.  Take boys for instance, most of them would rather skip the whole thing altogether.  They are simply there to pacify their mothers who use their parental pressure to convince them that they need to show up and pose.  I call these my “reluctant seniors”.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-6

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-15

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-14My recent senior session fit this to a tee.  This poor guy wanted to be anywhere else but out in the woods taking photos with me.  BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-9The good thing about being chatty is that I can normally distract them enough to capture some great shots anyway.BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-13

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-11Even an unexpected smile…BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-12Whether it is just chatting about their future plans, or cracking the worst jokes, by the time we have finished our session the general consensus is that it “wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”.  A win in my book!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-22And, I was even happier to hear that he actually liked the photos!  I think the words “Thanks for not making me look like a dork.” and “It was almost enjoyable.” might have even been bantered around as well.  Score!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-21

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-3And, if you happen to be restoring a cool old car from my high school days….bring it along because I would love to snap a photo of you with it!BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-25Fall is a great time to schedule your senior photo session!  Spaces are limited to let’s get started today….